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November 23, 2011
Posted at 12:21 pm

I suppose everyone's wondered where I am, other than posting stories. Well, maybe someone has - most people find that I'm not nearly as interesting as I'd like to think I am. :)

Anyway, my computer at home a) is slow, and b) connects via dialup, so I post my stuff at the library, where I have a time limit. And so I've just stuck to posting stories, and haven't done anything else. But I'm going to start trying to keep something going here. I'll post weekly, since that's when I can get to the library.

Meanwhile, for the holidays my posting schedule is likely to be deranged. It's already off this week - normally I post on Monday but because of schedule changes and being sick for a couple of days I'm only getting to it today, which is Wednesday. Come the second week of January I ought to be able to get consistent again.

Because of that computer situation I mentioned above, if you have any comments about my stuff I hope you'll look for my reply via e-mail. That's by far the easiest way for me to respond. :)