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Facebook and New Stories

August 13, 2011
Posted at 5:30 pm

I have created a Facebook page for my writing and can now be reached on there. The name is J M F Hildebrandt, same as on LiveJournal.com but without the periods after the initials. Hope to hear from you a little easier there than through e-mail and I know a lot of people find themselves on Facebook once or twice . . . or five hundred times a day.

As for what is coming next, I am currently working on something a reader named Adrianne suggested to me after she read the finale of Justice Resurrected. It is a short story that will tell what happened between the last chapter and the epilogue. It was a part of the tale that was never meant to be in Justice and even now I would not insert it. But Adrianne made me realize that even as I wrote the finale and edited it, I was thinking about what happened in between so I have decided to write a short story about that. I have posted the first little bit of it on LiveJournal(jmfhildebrandt.livejournal.com/).

The other thing I am hoping to finish up is a sequel/prequel to Death and Love in Marjah that will tie up a loose end or two that a couple of readers wrote me about when that story was first posted. I am not sure when these will be finished, but that is what I am currently working on. The next thing to be posted here will likely be the next chapter of Enter the Darkness. That is finished, I just have not had time to edit it lately.

So that is the update from my end.