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In Praise of Fine Stories

August 6, 2010
Posted at 3:23 pm

There are many things to admire about Stories OnLine.

Amongst these are the ease by which you can submit stories, the clean presentation of the text, the rapid turnaround for any amendments or changes an author wants to make, and the general voting and blogging facilities.

I'm pleased to see these features are also featured in Fine Stories.

However, one of the issues of Stories OnLine which I hope Fine Stories will address is the niche nature of the fiction.

There's a huge variety of fiction in the world and it is not really such a great thing to have to change the story just to get it featured on a niche story site.

One can envisage writers whose stories are both well-written and profound, but have to be amended to get on a niche story website. A bit of space travel nonsense is appended to a story of gritty urban angst to get on a science fiction site. A hot and sweaty sex scene is sneaked into a thoughtful appraisal of the modern media to squeeze into a sex story site. A few famous names from Star Trek or X Files or Harry Potter are peppered in randomly in a story of faith and bigotry in Bosnia to get on a fanfic site.

Now, at last, there is a site where stories that don't fit into these weird niches can be posted, read and appreciated!