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August 3, 2011
Posted at 2:13 am

As part of getting ready to set things up for having one of my books e-published in the near future, I have set up a LiveJournal.com account. This means that I am offically coming out from the shadows, so to speak. The title of the blog is The Celtic Bard and you can find me under the name J. M. F Hildebrandt.

As a gift for those of you who have been reading Enter the Darkness, I have left a snipet of something I have been working on to accompany Darkness. In future chapters of Darkness, as Alexa's life gets more compicated, some of the codes for that story will come into play. When that happens, I will likely have a history piece to post that will fall into the world (Universe, but it won't be listed with it) that I created for Enter the Darkness. It will help explain where I came from when I started writing Enter the Darkness and is written in the manner of an alternative historical prose. The reason I have not posted it yet is that it has taken a lot of research and is still not finished to my satisfaction. What is posted on LJ is merely the first section, the foundation on which I stand the entire premise of the story.

Anyway, check it out if you want and post your comments if you have any, I will be trying to keep up with it on a daily basis from now on. And thanks for everyone who has been reading and writing to me, your support, encouragement, and constructive criticism is what has gotten me to this point.