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Oops! My Bad!

July 9, 2011
Posted at 10:04 pm
Updated: July 9, 2011 - 10:07 pm

Sorry folks! I got unexpectedly busy yesterday and completely forgot it was Friday! I will be getting this week's chapter of Justice Resurrected submitted tonight and it should be up tomorrow.

On a side note, I got an e-mail from a reader regarding A Prince Too Many and I thought it was interesting. I decided that perhaps I should explain what my thinking was on that story a little better, since I doubt that reader was alone in his thinking. His problem with Prince was that he felt it wound up being an advertisement for Justice. I thought about that and realized that he was partially right! When I conceived of A Prince Too Many, my main focus was trying to get another Titia-Lohr story so that it was not a one-story Universe. I wanted something quick, interesting to write, and relevent to Justice. At the same time, I realized we were getting to the point in the story where Prince Sharn is introduced and that seemed to be perfect. When I wrote Prince Sharn's character into Justice I felt he was an interesting guy whose back story was unique among Ce'al. As I edited the chapter in which he first appeared, I decided that the story I was looking for was his origin story. So, A Prince Too Many would become the story of how Sharn went from the neglected son of a very powerful Ce'al Matriarch to the companion of a poor young fool curse/destined to be the resurrector of Vindicor-Kimber. And so I wrote a story detailing the important events in Sharn's life, events that led him to be in the Netherlands when Jonar makes his quest.

Now, some who have written to me about Prince have spoken of a desire to know more about his Academy days and that there should have been more about that. But as I said, the story's purpose was to show relevent events on the road to the Netherlands. I did not feel anything that could have happened while he was at the Academy that would impact his path to joining Jonar.

The reader also pointed out something else which made me stop and think about how readers come to my work. As I told the reader, when I read a book that is part of a series (i. e. Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time or Frank Herbert's Dune) or part of a Universe (i. e. David Weber's Honorverse or Patricia Briggs' Sianim books) I tend to start with the first book and work my way through them all. In writing Prince, I think I unconsciously assumed everyone did that and that if you read and liked Justice you might also want to read Prince. Or if you read and liked Prince, you might also want to read and like Justice. This, I now realize, is not necessarily true. I have to thank the reader (RS) who was forthright enough to write to me and point out, perhaps unintentionally, that one should never take readers for granted.

I still think he was only partially correct, because my intention (needing a Titia-Lohr story and writing Sharn's origin) with Prince still is valid but it was also a point that I need to keep in mind for the future. Especially as I work to see about getting my longer works published in book format.

Well, anyway, that is what was going on this week and again, I apologize for the slip-up yesterday. Look for Chapter 21 tomorrow sometime. I will have it submitted tonight! And don't foget, the pic of the map for Titia-Lohr can now be found on photobucket.com @ http://s1114.photobucket.com/albums/k532/theceltbard/