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A Prince & A Map

July 2, 2011
Posted at 8:54 pm

All right folks, correction time. Apparently I mistakenly left A Prince Too Many as unfinished when it is actually a completed story. Probably my fault there. It should be corrected soon.

As to the second half of the title to this entry, I want to thank the several people who e-mailed me offering their services in getting the rough map of Titia-Lohr posted. Your e-mails let me explore other possibilities besides waiting for the Webmaster to pass judgment. The pic of the map can now be found on photobucket.com @ http://s1114.photobucket.com/albums/k532/theceltbard/

The album is called Titia-Lohr (under the name theceltbard, not Celtic Bard, there were already people using that name) and should be fairly easy to locate. Sorry this has taken so long to become available, but I am a surprisingly technologically reclined individual for someone my age. Probably has something to do with where I grew up and the late introduction of computers into my daily life due to those circumstances. Anyway, for those of you who have been asking for a map to Jonar's world, there you go. Just keep in mind two things: first, it is a rough draft of a map and not the usually refined product I produce when I redraw a map several times, and second, I have terrible handwriting unless I take a lot of time in writing (as I do in later versions of maps). That being said, it should be legible for the most part. I will be trying to get the larger version posted as well. The first pic is the scaled down version I sent the Webmaster in hopes he would allow it to be posted here with the Titia-Lohr stories.