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A Prince Too Many

June 29, 2011
Posted at 8:26 pm

A Prince Too Many is the title to the new story I promised to you for Monday but I still have not heard back from my sounding board. So, that being the case, if I have not heard back by Thursday night, you will get the story with the Friday submission of Chapter 20 of Justice Resurrected and I will just have to go back and make any changes said sounding board suggests.

And so on the the Map. I have had many readers send me inquiries on my progress on getting a map for Titia-Lohr scanned. Good new/bad news situation there. Good news is I managed to paste together smaller pieces of the map to get a whole JPEG file for it. It is a rough draft, mind you, and as the name suggests, it is not the refined piece that I usually wind up with after three or four redraws. I just needed something to refer to whilst I wrote and never gave redrawing it a second thought. Now the bad news. Webmaster submission guidelines require pictures to be 400 pixels or about 20KB in size. My map is over 1100 pixels on each side and is over 470KB. I tried resizing it down to the specified size and it is illegible and useless at that point. I have a line into the Webmaster and hopefully he will have a workable solution.

So, that is all until Friday, unless the Webmaster gets back to me sooner about the map.