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Chapter 19 Is Ready . . .

June 24, 2011
Posted at 6:01 am

Alright folks, Chapter 19 of Justice Resurrected is submitted for your reading pleasure. It should be up in a few hours. As for the other story I was hoping to get to you with this chapter, it will be a few days late as it has gotten a little longer than I thought and my sounding board left town for parts west for the week and has not gotten back to me on the parts said sounding board already has in their possession. As this is the case, I will likely need a couple of more days before you get it, so sometime this weekend or Monday is probable for ETA. As I mentioned, the new story will be about the origins of a character being introduced in Chapter 19. It is a quick little background on his character and how he came to be available to join Jonar's quest. At the moment it is a short 155 KB and counting, so a quick read for you once I get it finished and edited.

That is all for now. Remember to not be shy about constructive criticism and I always enjoy hearing the varied opinions on my stories (though some of them are starting to make me blush, the praise is so fulsome!).