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Chapter 18 and a Notice

June 18, 2011
Posted at 2:18 am

Well, Chapter 18 of Justice Resurrected is submitted. Sorry to be a few hours late on it but Friday crept up on me unawares this week so I had to scramble to get it out. Been a little too busy with other stuff this week to pay attention to the calendar and my posting schedule. So enjoy, sorry about it being so short this week as well. If I find the time, I may finish up a related story and you will have next week's chapter accompanied by a Titia-Lohr short story. Although short is relative, as it is already 112 KB and counting. It is an origin story of a character that will be introduced in next week's Chapter 19, so hopefully that will make up for this week's short one.

And on to the Notice. For those of you who read Chapter 4 of Enter the Darkness, I have to apologize for it. Most probably did not catch it, but I screwed up in a big way in writing the navigational details of Alexandra and her father through the DC area. I can only plead ignorance and failing memory on that one as I wrote that chapter before getting a hold of a good street map of Washington, D. C. for another story I started. A reader wrote me about the story (he liked it but lives in the DC area) and pointed out that unless one gets lost, one would not drive through downtown DC to get from Reagan (Washinton, back then) National Airport to Ft. Belvoir due to the fact that both of them are already in Virginia (Reagan being in Arlington, I believe he said). Having thusly been righteously reprimanded in my sloppy research for that chapter, I will be rewriting, possibly in a major way, Chapter 4 of Darkness. I will be doing that before I will post Chapter 5, but probably after the Titia-Lohr story. So when next you see an update for Enter the Darkness, that will be what it is. Chapter 5 will probably be out shortly thereafter, as it is almost written and simply needs finishing touches and editing.

Well, that is all for this week and as always, I appreciate your encouragement and constructive criticism. It really does help!