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More Anon Questions

June 2, 2011
Posted at 7:20 pm

This was a nice comment that at least shows some understanding of what I go through.

I, was sorry to read that the next Chaos story is
on hold.I was looking forward to reading it in
June.I guess the problem is us non writers don't
understand the process and work it takes to do a
great story.The authors that do updates frequently
are usually not very good,or maybe it's the
subject matter that I don't care for.You are
writing a long teen romance story which takes time
to do it right.Your readers appreciate it.I love
long teen romances.Any suggestions that I might
have missed on SOL or any other sites.Good luck in
your work,I'll be waiting.Thanks.

I have a story on Storiesonline's sister site. It has that ugly yellow stripe through it showing that it is unfinished and unactive. That was my first serious attempt at writing fiction. It's not awful but nor is it of particularly high quality.

I learned a lot from that story. Mainly that once you publish a chapter, its hard to take it back.

In my opinion a story should be a whole. Both Rebecca Danced and Anita's Rescue are whole stories. They are complete and tied in together in many ways.

Strange things happen in writing things like this. You can make a serious plot error, a time-line messup, or any number of things that keep the story from being complete as presented. Believe me if you knew the twist that Anita's rescue went through with fifteen chapters in the bag and the title 'Saving Cheri' you would know what I mean.

So now while I do release stories a chapter or three a week I don't do so until the entire story is refined. It's just better that way. I personally can spot any story that was written and posted as each chapter was ready. Some are pretty good, but most suffer from it.

I have an ongoing argument with several authors who tell me they only 'write for themselves'. I don't, I write for my readers and I have to do it in a way that I believe will deliver the highest standards of quality.

Actually producing two novel-length stories with another a bit less than half way done in 20 months isn't bad even by professional standards.

I will continue the quest of another high-quality story that you will enjoy (I'm sure my readers would love what it written so far). I still can't promise a date, only that it will be my best when it gets here.

The new story is not on hold, it is kind of waiting for a breakthrough though. It needs something of importance to keep it a story unto itself as opposed to just 'the third story'. When that comes to me the rest will work itself out.