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Ch 15 of Justice, Ch 3 of Darkness, and a Quick Word

May 28, 2011
Posted at 4:14 am

OK, so Chapter 15 of Justice Resurrected was posted on Friday and Chapter 3 of Enter the Darkness has been submitted. The next chapter of Darkness will not be ready so quickly, I tried to get Chapter 3 to you all as quick a possible due to the way Chapter 2 ended. Chapter 16 of Justice will be ready on Friday as usual, assuming nothing unforseen occurs.

And so to a Quick Word on Enter the Darkness. While the main character through whose eyes the story is told is a female, there are large parts of her life history and experiences that I drew from my own life. Like Alexa, I grew up in Cold War Europe, visited Washington, D. C. on more than one occassion in the mid-80's and early 90's, lived in Ft. Leonard Wood, and experienced the culture shocks of going from places as different, culturally, as West Germany, the Northeastern U. S., and backwoods Missouri. I also grew up in the military, though I never had the honor to serve due to various circumstances not within my ability to change.
As my story Death and Love in Marjah might have indicated, I hold the U. S. military in the highest regard, despite (or perhaps because) of my dislocated childhood. It was in pondering some of the things I saw and experienced, and the realization that a majority of Americans do not view the world in the same way I did because of those experiences, that got me writing things along the lines of Marjah and Darkness. I am not entirely comfortable writing in the real world, though some of the things in both stories stretch the idea of "real world" a bit far. I much prefer to write things like Justice Resurrected or the Am'mortal stories or the longer stories from which the stories from The World of Xeuxondra Universe are taken. I like the idea of creating an entire world, or worlds, which I can people as I wish and manipulate any way I wish without having to adhere to laws of reality that have already been set. Having said that, I am glad that stretching myself creatively has found an appreciative audience, one which is not shy about goading me on in my endeavors.
All of which, I guess, is a long-winded explanation of the story behind Enter the Darkness and how much I appreciate the response it has gotten.

So enjoy the new chapters and I will leave it there for now.

P. S. I am also working on some companion material for Enter the Darkness that I may post in the near future. Some of it requires research, so it is slow in coming and is part of the reason the posting schedule for Darkness is irratic and not as quick as Justice Resurrected (not to mention Justice is already written and only needs editing).