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Chapter 14 of Justice Submitted

May 21, 2011
Posted at 3:05 am

Chapter 14 of Justice Resurrected is submitted. It is a few hours late, but the last couple of days have been a little busy for me and so it was delayed until I got some time tonight to get to it.
Some of you have been writing to me about certain characters you wished I had not written out of the story line and about some of the more romantic possibilities that you felt were cut off because of that. If you fall into that category, then the next few chapters should be more to your liking, though I should warn that there will be some unorthodox relationships in the next couple of chapters as well. I believe I already issued such a warning, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it so I don't get outraged e-mail about it later.
So enjoy the latest chapter and thank you for the support and response to work that I treasure. That you have also found it something worth enjoying is gratifying.
That is all for now.