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Anon Feedback

May 20, 2011
Posted at 5:53 am

Just to prove that all feedback isn't completely positive I got this one early this morning. Here's my reply:

I liked the Chaos series at the beginning, but now
I'm sort of in a wait-and-see mode with this
chapter. The second accident is either one of the
most contrived events that I've read or indication
that there's more to the story.

Oh boy! There is more to this story. The title can be interpreted three different ways. The first is the rather dramatic rescue of Anita in chapter 7. The second is the rather obvious need of her rescue now after chapter 14. Like Rebecca Danced though the real meaning of the title comes at the very end (who really rescues who)? Hang on, the fun and games are over for the most part might want a hanky handy for the rest.

I'm not sure what to make of Tina's developing situation. Suddenly, she's in a relationship when she hasn't shown interest in one. Tina's role has been the genius pushing things around and it makes sense that she's too busy for relationships. It feels like you're trying to pair everyone up in the story.
While it's a nice thought, it doesn't feel right and turns the whole thing into a puppet show.

It's simply a plot device to show that Tina is interested in romance. Though it was stated in the first book that she has dated in the past. Where better for her to find a kindred spirit than a youth music festival? Though you'll find a boy asking her for a date is hardly a "relationship".

For those of you who are following the deeper meanings here this is a three character study (including the mythical third book which really is in progress) The first was obviously Rebecca's. This book is actually about Tony and his redemption. The key to the 'meaning' of this story resides in what you learn about him in the early chapters of Rebecca Danced.

We'll get more in depth with Tina in the third book.

Read on, I'll have the rest posted by the end of the week.