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Corrections! Corrections! Corrections!

May 17, 2011
Posted at 5:26 pm

I have a couple of corrections for my last entry due to some back and forth with the Webmaster and some of your e-mails.

1. The Cast file I submitted did not stike the WM as being fair to post and make readers "waste" a download on it. To be fair to him, I saw what he meant and, to be honest, I was not really thinking about that at the time I was working on it and submitting it. I had just gotten so many e-mails asking for pronunciation help as well as a few asking for a cast list that I was concentrated on getting one out to those of you requesting one. It was not difficult to do, as I already had one that I use for myself when writing. I merely had to work up the pronunciations for the names. The Webmaster and I decided that the best place for it, without making you non-premium members "waste" a download, was before Chapter 1. So if you look between the Introduction and Chapter 1 of Justice Resurrected, you will now find Cast and it has the names in alphabetical order by last name (if they have one) and in order of the country in which they first appear. There is also some minor biographical information there that I use when writing that I decided not to delete. At the end there are also five or six character profiles that I included, simply because they were in the file I had and thought you might find them useful/interesting.

2. Chapter 13 is NOT the last chapter of Justice Resurrected!!! I want to thank those of you who wrote me to let me know there was a SNAFU in the submission process. I have resubmitted it and it should soon read "To Be Continued," as it should. The next chapter of Justice should be ready on Friday, as usual.

Hopefully that covers everything. Sorry for the screw ups and thanks for pointing them out!