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Chapter 10 of Justice Is Ready!

April 28, 2011
Posted at 10:41 pm

Chapter 10 of Justice Resurrected is submitted and should be up for your enjoyment sometime between now and tomorrow evening. For those of you asking about certain facets of Gnathar society and about the Gnaths, you get a little more about those aspects of the story in this chapter and even more in the next few.
I also want to alert you all to something that I started working on today because my nephew was visiting and watching seriously ret-oops, sorry . . . mentally challenged cartoons. I had to get away from the tv and work on something that would distract my mind from thinking about the correlation of idiotic cartoons and the falling academic performance of American children. Granted, there was not much of redeemable value in the Three Stooges or the Daffy Duck-Bugs Bunny routines or GI Joe and Transformers cartoons I watched growing up. But at least they used real words most of the time and not the idiocy I saw on the Cat In The Hat today and the annoying Curious George cartoons my nephew was watching.
Anyway, enough pontificating. To get away from the irritation, I went and started something new based on a philisophical pondering that occured to me a while back: Are mortals capable of handling immortality? Ignore the impossibility of immortality on this plane of existence and ponder that. Our minds and perceptions and reactions are all geared towards survival in a mortal lifetime and with mortals as our companions in that lifetime. So how would somebody with that as a mindframe and worldview handle immortality?
With this thought in mind, I began Anomaly of the Fates. I may either write it all out or I may post it piecemeal, I have not decided yet. Anyone who has thoughts on that is welcomed to drop me an e-mail to register their opinion.

Anyway, that is all for this week. I am hoping to have Justice on a weekly, Thursday/Friday schedule from here on out. Enjoy and send me your thoughts on anything else that might occur to you. I appreciate constructive feedback.