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Anon Comment

April 23, 2011
Posted at 8:21 pm

"I'm dissapointed.
Sex at 15 may be a bit common (not as common as
some claim) but not emotionally appropriate."

I'm not sure what "emotionally appropriate" means. No one knows Rebecca Harris like I do and for her, yes, it's emotionally appropriate. If you watched "Oprah" I think they would label it co-dependence (but in a good way).

Characters do what they do. As a writer you are actually done once you fully realize the character. At that point they tell me their story. When it comes to Rebecca and Tony don't question. There is an insane level of trust there.

Anyway, with me, expect the unexpected. I like to make you a nice little safe place full of cliche's and all that. Then I blow it all up. If my stories go right where you think they should then anyone could write them.

Hint: If you are waiting for the classic 'prom scene' you are way off base. You're about to get something you aren't expecting, enjoy!

Tony is actually insane, or at the very least he has a serious psychological complex when it comes to young girls. You will see it again and again. You will see him as just a 'nice guy' but he's really a bit loony after the death of his baby sister.

As with all comments, I appreciate your point of view. In this case I disagree.