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Chapter 14

April 19, 2011
Posted at 3:26 pm

I took a big hit there. The original chapter 14 was a bit too explicit for the site. I noticed the scoring took a big hit after that one was posted, I agree.

The hot-tub scene originally contained nudity which I didn't realize was against the rules (there was nothing explicit, just nudity). So when it was rejected you got a hastily edited version with a really unsatisfactory ending to the chapter. I hate it too, but I didn't want to delay the posting of the story so I did a quick edit to meet the guidelines for now. Perhaps I'll re-write the chapter in the future.

You can see the original in the files section of my message board on Yahoo if you like.

Chapter 15 starts slow but you will love the ending.

The entire story is now in the queue. Expect a chapter every two days until the ending.