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Another Day In Paradise!

April 2, 2011
Posted at 3:17 pm

Well, I was hoping to post another chapter this weekend. Those hopes were crushed when I found myself in charge of corralling my 3 kids all weekend while my wife went on a church function (Not that I blame her for wanting to get away for a bit...I have a new appreciation for what she does everyday). I'll hopefully have it up later this week or next weekend at the latest.

Also, several of you have e-mailed and commented on how well I write bout Eric's PTSD, and asked if I suffered from it (or assumed I do). I actually have not seen combat. I served in the Marines from 1998-2002 and narrowly missed deploying for OIF/OEF by a matter of weeks. I am torn over this....I have many friends who went "over there" and have come back changed, mostly for the worse (missing body parts as well as pieces of their souls). I feel sometimes that I have let them down, or don't measure up to them. This story is my way to tell them that I understand (at least superficially) what they feel, and that there is hope and support for them.

All that aside, THANK YOU for the praise, criticism, and input... it means the world to me. To all the vets that have reported in, THANK YOU for your service and your sacrifice. And while not everyone can be a Marine, SEMPER FI to all of you. Thanks for keeping the faith.

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