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Excuses and Explanations

March 23, 2011
Posted at 9:39 pm

Housekeeping time, ladies and gentlemen. First off, I have gotten a number of e-mails about The World of Titia-Lohr. Some of them came in before I was able to get it and Justice Resurrected into their own Universe, which would have staved off some of the confused or negative feedback. Sorry, but I posted it on my way out of town. To explain further, for those who still need it, World is an addendum to Justice Resurrected. It is meant to further explain the world of Justice and give some background information that would be pointless or unwieldy to include in the story itself. That is the point of an appendix, or, in this case, appendices. There is no story coming named The World of Titia-Lohr. It is marked incomplete because it is just that: incomplete. There can and will be additions to it but those additions will not include a story.

Second, work has gotten a little hectic and so, for the time being, the real world will be demanding too much of my time for me to be posting anything until I get on top of the mess and get it straightened out. I hope to be treading water sometime next week, though I may be able to get the next chapter of Justice Resurrected out this weekend, if I can catch my breath or if I need a break from the cluster I was handed to uncluster. Don't count on it though. My thought is that late next week or next weekend is a more likely timetable.

And finally, I would like to thank those of you who have responded to Justice Resurrected. One of the reasons I began posting on this site was to share some of the odd things that bloom from the mushroom farm that is located in my skull. I really don't know where some of this comes from (my Muse, aside from being abusive and sulky, is not given to self-explanation) but some in my family have enjoyed some of it and I thought others might as well. Given the response to the tamer things I think of, perhaps I might get around to some of the darker, more noisesome emanations which suffuse the miasma of my mind.

Anyway, that is what is going on as far as my scheduling of writing and posting is concerned. Time to jump back into the mess of the real world, so that is all for now. As always, enjoy and I am always open to constructive feedback.