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Appendices for Justice

March 19, 2011
Posted at 2:24 am

Alright folks, I have had more than one person write me commenting on the difficulty of pronounciation of some of the names I have used in Justice Resurrected. As such is the case, I have decided to post my appendices of Justice, in which I have included pronounciations for you, before I get the map into the document. I called it The World of Titia-Lohr. If I still get mail for the character names, I may add a character pronouonciation appendix to it as well.

You might also notice I have left it marked as incomplete. That is because I am still endevouring to find a scanner that will scan the map I have of Justice's world. Unfortunately the printer-scanners I have access to currently only scan 8 1/2 x 11 and it is a little bigger than that. I am going out of town for a few days and when I get back I may be quite busy, work-wise, so it may be a few weeks or more before I get around to anything else, never mind hunting up an oversized scanner.

So enjoy the appendices, those of you who are into such things, and thanks for the feedback.