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Today, the Free Reins circle is full.

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Call it Fan Fiction. I waited and waited. I complained.

Today, I acted!

With anticipated permission from GT Dodge, today I moved to complete the minor trilogy Free Reins.

Firstly, Free Rein, by GT Dodge, a story based on the time honored metaphor in which a horse, given its head, takes over the battle.

Secondly, Free Reign, also by GT Dodge, (based on that maligned SOL metaphor, lifted from the game show, Queen for a Day!) in which the lady reigns freely as Princess for a Day.

But then the idea stagnated. The third trope, Free Rain, never followed. I waited... as noted above.

At long last, my muse threw together, strike that, pulled from with deep within me, a response to an inequity of the universe: Free Rain which ignores all the literary tropes and edifying opportunity to publicize (and maybe fix) the global water shortage, instead foisting a joke in awkward poetry.

(Remember my motto: 'at the close / my poetry blose')

Today, the Free Reins circle is full.

Soon to follow, these also-ran titles:
Free Rayin', tales of the sunburnt Conchs of Key West.
Fry Rain, rants from the angry Cajun whose hot grease spatters beneath a summer shower.
Freya and her Short Reign.
The list goes on!