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A confused day

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Somehow the postings got confused; chapter one had the content of chapter two; and chapter two was correct, so it was a repeat of chapter one.

A kind reader emailed me to point out the error; I've sent a correct chapter one content.

My profound thanks go to Lazeez for his kind and patient assistance in getting the content of AF correctly posted in the Bookapy book site, with additional Kindle and PDF versions. I can't possibly say sufficient good words about how Lazeez patiently and efficiently deals with us amateur authors, with help and kindness.

It's appreciated.

It is one thing to write these stories, to craft the plots and tend the grammar and enlist editors to catch and kill the gremlins and glitches that infest our work.

It's yet another thing entirely to deal with self-publishing, to create error-free versions for e-readers in various digital formats. Folks like Lazeez are essential.