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My writing...or the lack thereof

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I looked just now at my previous blog post - and it's from April or 2013, nearly six years ago. At that time I was posting the most recent Carpenter story (and the most recent piece of fiction) that I'd written. Since then I've tried writing - indeed, I got several chapters into a Carpenter story that I thought, and still think, would have been a good one, but reached a point where I literally couldn't write another word; the story just wouldn't come. I've in the past couple of years tried writing in an entirely different universe, with even less success. All I can think is that I only had a certain amount of fiction in me, and it poured out into the Carpenter universe, leaving me empty of further writing.

I've recently, in the past couple of weeks, gone back after this span of years and reread several of the Carpenter novels, and a couple of others in that universe. From a somewhat less subjective perspective, I find them highly entertaining light reading - nothing intellectual, nothing profound, but good fun. I hope that everyone else finds them enjoyable as well.

Because I've not been writing, I've for some years literally not paid any attention to Fine Stories at all. In consequence, I expect I've totally missed any number of messages in my inbox. If you sent something to me, and I never replied, that's the reason - I just wasn't here.

If I ever do resume writing fiction, in or out of the Carpenter universe, I expect I'll post it. Publication, with at least some financial rewards, would be nice, but I don't have the temperament for submitting things all over the place, and negotiating contracts, and all that jazz. For me the writing was always about the writing, and never about fame or fortune. Having Fine Stories on which to post my stories was gravy; I'd've written them even if no one ever saw them, much as Emily Dickenson stored away the vast bulk of her poetry, so that not even her closest friends or relatives knew what a trove she'd produced till after her death.

Meanwhile, I hope that all who read my stories accept them for what they are, and enjoy them on that basis, for as long as Fine Stories continues to exist.