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The Unused Keys Symphony

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I think that was her, the god herself,

stopped weaving the tapestry of fate for a moment

while she tapped what passed for a foot

to a music never played before.

Bien venu. Wilkommen. Howdy.

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Been writing on postit notes n leaving them behind at art shows n museums n such. Scribbled my own copy and stuck it where sometimes I didn't lose them.

It's just like this post here: from me to you and you can take it in the spirit it's given or not.

And keep it or not.

Dunno how this one worked out but one time a traveling Andy Warhol show was where I was and I went.

Think posters of Marilyn Monroe - them with the same image in many colors. Industrial (handmade so carefully they looked like right off an assembly line) boxes on display.

His life history in photos and his own scribes.

But the show was sized for traveling and this time got fit into a bigger than expected venue. Around one corner, without a Warning Do Not Enter ner nothing was a pallet of flattened cardboard boxes. When I left, a set of postits attributed the pallet and contents as a Warhol DoItYrSelf and announced that at 10 PM they would be assembled with free wine and crackers.


I was long gone by 10 PM.

But I still remember.

To coin a phrase, "Doing right aint got no end."