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A Lodi Christmas conclusion - at last!

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I'm getting ready to post Chapter 19 - the final chapter of 'A Lodi Christmas.' This is the last story of what I consider the Lodi Trilogy; Jacob's Granddaughters, A Tyler Christmas, and A Lodi Christmas. They should be read in that order,
As always, my great thanks to Michelle, Steve and Denny for their editing work. I couldn't do it without them.
Thanks for reading my stories.

Chapter 17 A Lodi Christmas All italics! Don't know why

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Stay tuned. I'm trying to correct.

Jacob's Granddaughters - A Cover

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Thanks to the unique talents of Luther Long, 'Jacob's Granddaughters' now has a cover. I think it's brilliant.
You can see it on the chapter index page. Let me know what you think.
Regards, AA

A Lodi Christmas chapter 17 to editing

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I thought chapter 17 would complete this saga, but as usual I was wrong and the characters were in control again! Chapter 17 got to 27 pages before I decided to cut it off. So, there will be a chapter 18.
Thanks for your patience, and support.

A new story

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I'm still here. As some of you know 2018 was a challenging year for me. We moved into a fixer and the day we moved in I got news from my doc that I needed open heart surgery to fix an aortic valve. So on December 4th I had that done.
Meanwhile I was working on a Christmas story for 2018 - as you know that didn't happen. Once I got back to it my editors deemed the first seven chapters 'boring.' So I've pretty much rewritten those chapters and added a chapter. I still don't know how many it will take to wrap things up, but it is a continuation of 'Jacob's Granddaughters' with some new characters, and I've included some characters from 'A Tyler Christmas,' so those should be read first.
Thank you to all who have emailed your good wishes and Merry Christmas to all.