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All stories are now on Bookapy

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Now all of the stories are available as ebooks on the Bookapy website which is a sister site to this site so all sales also supports the site as well.



Winds of Change - revised

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Winds of Change, all 119,800 words revsied to fix errors. It's also available from Ernest Bywater's Lulu publishing site as a print book and an e-pub. Other formats can be provided upon direct application to Ernest for him to create it for you.




Winds of Change Universe is now open for other authors to write in, if they wish to. Please stay within the canon set out in the original story. That means you have the rest of the world and the future open to you.


Author Status Report

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Due to a number of personal reasons the author known as The Scot is no longer writing stories. However, for a number of years I've worked with him while he slowly finishes a few incomplete stories to post them when ready. If there are any typo or spelling errors in his stories please let me know so I can fix them for him, otherwise please do not send any emails. He isn't set up to receive many emails now, and I don't have the time to relay them to him. My responsibilities are solely to edit, fix errors, and to post what Mike has written. The one exception being Shiloh which we co-wrote.

His stories have previously been posted under the names The Scot and Rod MacLaren. However, they will soon be available as e-pubs by the author name of R. Michael Lowe aka The Scot and will be published for him by me on my Lulu site, link below. This name will also be used on Finestories and SciFi Stories.



The site reader comment function where they can add a comment at the end of the story for other readers. This is for readers to make comments for other readers. I do not track them or read them, so don't say anything there you expect Mike nor me to respond to. Please do not send simple thank you emails as they won't be relayed to Mike or answered by me - I don't have the time to deal with them.

Thank you.