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Researcher Wanted

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I have an opportunity to write a commercial blog and am having a tough time with subject material. I've already done an 11 page/topic “All You Need To Know” assignment and they want 3 blogs a week. They're very happy with my work so far and I enjoyed the writing but was all set to turn it down when I thought maybe there's someone out there who would be interested in making a few bucks sitting at his/her computer.

Send me an email if you're interested and I'll send some specifics. I've been procrastinating on this for too long and need to handle it within the next few days. You won't get rich but you'll be able to pay a bill or two.


Stuart Starts

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Back in 2008, I decided to try a kid's story for NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is an event held every November to get writers to write. The game is to complete 50,000 words during the month. It can be edited in December or later; the whole purpose is volume.

I discovered that I can't write like that unless I'm really into what I'm doing. I'm sure I've written that much that quickly on several occasions, but this story just didn't inspire me enough to just pump out the words.

I posted what I did on StoriesOnLine as I wrote it and it eventually had a note that it was inactive and incomplete. It sat there for almost two years, waiting for a final chapter to wrap it all up. I even knew what I wanted to say in that chapter; I just didn't know the actions I could put the characters through to say it.

I finally sat down a couple of weeks ago, read through what was already written and changed the wording in a few places, adding and subtracting a sentence or two here and there. As I sat down to finish the final chapter, it slowly came to me and as I typed, more and more came up. The actual ending didn't hit me until I was ready to type it and then it all came together.

There's nothing in this story that I wouldn't be proud to read to my grandkids. There are a few things that are way over their heads. I think most adults will enjoy it just as much as their children and grandchildren will. As I was writing, I had pictures of mine on my lap as I read to them. I'd like nothing more than to hear that others are sharing my story across the generations.