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Lance Manne - "Nymph of the Wood"

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“Nymph of the Wood” is a new story about the importance of choosing a mate and the dry spell that can follow after a few years of marriage. I have witnessed so many of my friends as they picked a mate with what seemed to be very little forethought. The first chapter contains information that is important in laying the foundation for what happens in the rest of the story. It may seem a little slow at times. As the story unfolds, there will be a number of nature scenes and mysterious interactions. I hope the themes of wonder, hope, love, nature, and second chances are evident to the reader.
I am amazed at what unbelievable things I witness when I am able to sit and watch the unfolding of the world around me. Many of the surprising occurrences in nature will be things that I have personally witnessed. I will leave the determination as to which ones to you, the reader.

A Common Man...A Hero!

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“Time, it doth so quickly pass. One blink, we are in our youth. Another blink, we are old and feeble.” LM

I went to a ceremony last week, honoring a World War II veteran. He received the French Legion of Honour medal. This is the highest honor that France bestows. This medal originated with Napoleon Bonaparte. It was designed to be a medal for all men, not just the nobility. To earn the medal, one had to exhibit merit or bravery.

I drove the roads of France, last year, as I took this old soldier back to the scene of his youth. We tried to find the road where the sniper had fired upon him, but too much had changed over the last sixty seven years.

It was powerful to see this old soldier stand, on wobbly legs, and received his medal. I could not help but think, of the many young men that never made that trip back home.

I told him that he received that medal, not only for his actions, but also for the many that gave their lives, so that we might be free.

Walking on thin ice.

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Last week, I had a little difficulty in completing my schedule for writing in “Canoeing.” At the beginning of the week; I had decided to take a walk with my son. The sun was shining and the day was relatively warm, for our part of the country. We both grabbed a walking stick and headed down a wildlife trail.

We soon came to the creek, which I really enjoy. A week before, I had witnessed a special sight. The setting sun had filled the sky with glorious colors. A house in the distance looked like an old rugged cabin. The water was rushing through the creek, along the snow covered banks. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my camera, or I would have had a great picture.

On this trip, I found the creek to be mostly frozen. There was an open spot, but it was only about three inches deep. We sat on a fallen log and enjoyed the scenery. I wanted to explore the creek a little more, so I began to walk, slowly along the edge, tapping my stick as I tested the ice. People have been dying around here, because of the warm weather and the thin ice.

The ice felt strong and I thought I could spot the thin areas. Suddenly, my left foot broke through the ice. My leg went all the way in, up to the top of my thigh. My right leg completely folded and I landed with all my weight on my right foot. The ice under my right foot held. I believe my right knee was hyper-extended and my right foot was badly bruised.

I have been hobbling every since. My son helped me up and I gingerly walked home. My foot is all purple and very sore. I guess that’s what makes life so interesting. You never know what is around the corner.