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Wrapping up Leaving Babylon

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I am putting this story to bed with Chapter 18. I may take it up later, but probably won't.

Almost caught up.

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I'm trying to decide where to go with this. I'll probably post 8 & 9 tomorrow. Like I said, it's an old beginning with a new story line. The dragons are coming.

Leaving Babylon

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I started this story back in 2008, and this is possibly the 5th version; the first where I try the inter-dimensional teleportation. This is still a WIP (work in progress for non-writers). I have several others in what I will call my Adonai Universe, but they deal with angels visiting our realm. I use NextUp Text Aloud for editing purposes, which reads it back to me in a pleasing female voice. Thank you for reading. FYI, I am neither republican or democrat. I'm an American, and I want my country back.

Yes, I caught that Colombia/Columbia error and corrected it for the next chapter upload. The bad part about a reader for an editor is it plays havoc with to/too/two, hear/here, there/they're/their.