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As I mentioned in my last blog I have come home to God. I am now rereading all my novels and although for the era that Once and Again is happening in there is nothing inappropriate, but some moments are in more detail than necessary - so at some point I'm going to rewrite it and re-post it - if it starts to take too long I will pull it and then re-upload it when done. So if reading; please finish - if getting ready to start keep in mind I may be pulling it soon.
Thank you for your understanding.

still here

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I have been on quite the strange ride, but has ended with me coming home to God three or four years ago. I have a real organization called Saint Michael's Battle in the Spirit Prayer Group where we defend God's children from the forces of darkness. So I wrote a new novel based on that, titled: My Molly. Gabriel and 12 year old Molly join forces and battle demons. In process of editing rewriting now. I have also wrote three other books but all Godly, not novels, so don't know if should post. One titled: I don't Just Want His Love - I Want His Respect.
Also may have to amputate leg soon - so don't hold your breath for new postings any time soon. Amen and God bless.

update of career

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As of 2014 I have given up on my writing career and started painting. Which I guess is good for you folks because I have just uploaded my full, proof read, novels. At least they should be read by someone. So much for making a life and getting off of disability. I'd ask you to donate a dollar using my paypal account, but I haven't worked it out yet.
Thank you for reading.
My paintings are done under the same pen name of Allan Kindred.

reposting second chances

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I just reposted Second Chances because the way I had it set up it didn't format correctly. Hopefully it will come out better. As for other people doing a chapter it's looking to be more trouble than it is worth, but if for some reason somebody wants to do a chapter we can work it between us and then I would post it with the notation of who wrote the chapter.
Or something like that.
I will continue to add to it. Thank you for reading.

my latest posting - second chances

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I don't like the way it laid out. My fault. I should have called part one, chapter one. I should have called part two, chapter two and I should have called story one, chapter three. So when it comes to other people doing a part of it they would in aspect be writing a chapter so they will all need to come from the same place and build towards the same goal, which is helping ghosts fulfill their second chance and get into heaven. Magical objects and adventures can be a part of the overall journey.
I'm not sure if this qualifies to be turned into a universe.
Anyway, I'm slowly learning and getting back up to speed.
Thank you for your patience and I am willing to listen to any and all ideas.
Allan Kindred.