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I thought I would start a thread all your questions, comments, theories, complaints, suggestions and demands. Note that all of these will not receive equal attention or treatment. This is meant to be a sort of weather vane for how to proceed in telling a very complicated story. So post away, while bearing in mind that this will be a spoiler free environment on my part.

Long Winded Chapter

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So what was supposed to be the next chapter will be the next three. (sorry)
So the longest part of the process is still, not making up story to tell, but whittling it down into digestible chunks that fit together nicely. I could always come back to some stuff as side stories... Hmmmm

Rewrites and Re-rewrites

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Progress report: Finally re-posted corrected chapters 1-3.
Chapter 7 underway. Getting long though, probably going to be the longest yet. Had some indecision how to write upcoming scene. (Mind readers make POV a tricky thing.) As always thanks for the encouraging feedback, I'm glad to know others enjoy these characters and/or this universe as much as I do. With as much going on in the story, I'm having trouble deciding what to gloss over and what to explain. Because I do intend to tell other stories in this setting, I have to juggle things a bit to set story lines in motion without a lot of irrelevant plot wandering. (Tough for me I get distracted IRL so....) Anyway ch.7 is in the oven and will be hot and fresh soon.

The Origin of Rocket Man

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Rocket Man started as a character in a golden age super hero role playing game. When I made my own modern world for a super hero RPG I took my favorite characters and updated them. This was in 2005 and I have been making up new people to populate the world and new adventures for them to have for the last eight years. Not all the stories I came up with have been superhero stories, in fact most were fantasy, or sci-fi. The story of RM5 is one that will take a while to tell, being that I have a timeline for the universe that goes from 1929 to about 2033.

More to Come

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With the strong interest and great feedback I've been receiving, I'm encouraged to continue writing. Thank you all so much for your support. I do also really appreciate your help in pointing out the many (many) spelling and grammatical errors. Spellchecker apparently only cares if a word is a word not if it's the word you meant. (who knew) I perhaps should have paid better attention in school, but I was too busy daydreaming of stories. (see definition of irony)