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1 Happiness Happens

He loved a girl whose sister loved him, so the girl he loved wouldn't love him. But now he's home from the war and everything's changed

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Romance
Tags: Romance
Downloads: 446| Votes: 39 | Score: 6.45
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2 A Rainy Southern Night

The first meeting of a girl and guy from different social backgrounds, with hints of some prior connection as yet unrevealed.

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Romance
Tags: Romance, Drama
Downloads: 264| Votes: 15 | Score: 6.24
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3 Victoria Desperado's Mansion of Despair

Her boldness blinded her to what lawfulness requires. Beautiful and tragic, she paid the full price.

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Action/Adventure
Tags: Romance
Downloads: 138| Votes: 9 | Score: 6.76
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