In Dreams

by Denham Forrest

Tags: Romance, Melodrama, Supernatural, Ghosts, Fantasy,

Desc: Romance Story: A little wander through the realms of the improbable. Or maybe a wander into the possibility that those who have passed-on might be able to tamper with the lives of the living. No actually ghostly apparitions, more the possible influence or thoughts they might introduce into the unconscious mind.

My thanks go to the folks who have assisted me in preparing this story for posting.

A few clarifications that might assist the uninitiated and/or those from foreign parts.

Emmet: A Cornish (and West country) term for holidaymakers or seasonal visitors. Punter: A person who is (unwittingly) gambling on the services he/she has paid for being successfully provided. In this particular example, paying to be taken out on a boat to see some basking sharks and/or dolphins, doesn't necessarily guarantee that the "punter" will see anything but the bottom of a sick bucket. Stroppy: bad tempered and/or argumentative. Bill/Ol' Bill; Police

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Story tagged with:
Romance / Melodrama / Supernatural / Ghosts / Fantasy /