Ulternate Naval Story

by apa maximtrz

Tags: War, Military, Alternate Universe,

Desc: Action/Adventure Story: US and Imperial Japan are now allies what wold happen than.

In this time-line the United states, and Imperial Japan are allies, Japan does not attack the US on December 7 but joins the United States as Allies after FDR Losses the election in 1936 to A Naval Officer of Japanese decent. President John Toranoga is a Born US citizen of Samurai Lineage. After he takes control he Liquidates Congress, and declares Military Rule. Since Congress is gone than the Cuts Projected for the navy Ship Classes do not happen so the Ships that where cut or Scraped are back. use Wiki to read about the classes I will use in this story. Enjoy. Apa Maximtrz.

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Story tagged with:
War / Military / Alternate Universe /