The Self Sufficient Hermit

by curious2c

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Desc: Romance Story: Man discovers love again, the hard way.

Dear reader,

For another first in my writing this story has no sex or sexual content in it. It didn't start out that way, but as the story grew to it's final outcome I realized that fitting sex or sexual situations into this particular story would detract rather than add to the story. I also realize that it's been quite a while since I last posted a story online. For that I apologize to you all. Life has been ... busy and strange of late, and it's taken quite a bit more time for me to find that special zone in which I write best. Thank you for your patience.

I'd also like to thank Kanga40 for her expert and skilled editing on this one too. Any grammar or spelling errors found will be ones I missed in fixing.

It had been months since I had last been to town. Town, being what it was, wasn't much to speak of - maybe three hundred people or so. Two gas stations, one grocery-hardware type store that carried about anything the people in the area would need, and a flight service that had eight Beaver float planes in their lineup.

I had to come to civilization as it were, to get some supplies I couldn't do without. Winter was almost fully here and the first snows up high on the mountains had reminded me of some particular needs I had for the next months.

This morning as I was tying up to the finger float on the dock, I'd taken a not intended cold bath. Young Amber had come to grab my lines, helping me tie up. She is about nineteen, maybe twenty and quite a good looking young lady. She always seemed to be on the dock when I came to town and her mom was never too far away either.

While I knew Amber was friendly, I also knew that there was no way in hell I'd touch her or do anything else. Not only was she younger than me by a bit too much in my opinion, but I was friends with her father and respected the whole family too much to want to play with the fire Amber represented.

I also knew that Amber had a sort of crush on me. It showed all over to anyone who'd watch her interact with me. Jacob and Emma, who owned the store, had mentioned it to me several times, as had her parents. I wasn't sure what they thought about it, and to be honest, I felt that Amber was just too young for me to ever think about dating.

So anyway, as she bent over tying up the bow line some idiot in a huge power cruiser came blasting into the dock area running damn near full speed. As they came up to the next finger over they leaned on the reverse and drove the large boat to a quick stop.

I saw a blonde woman on the fly bridge driving the boat. She had a small group of people sitting around her as she stood behind the wheel. They were all laughing and talking to each other, mostly to the driver of the boat.

Of course all these actions took place in a few seconds and the size of boat coupled with the speed they came in at created a massive wake wave that nearly capsized a few smaller boats.

Amber had the misfortune to be bent over tying off the line, her back to the other boat, as the wave hit the finger float, causing her to go ass over teakettle into the water. She came up farther out due to the way she fell in and I could see she was having a difficult time catching her breath and staying on top of the water.

Without even hesitating, I dove in after her. The shock of the cold nearly caused me to swallow in the sea water, but I had mentally prepared myself for it and was able to force my breathing to hold steady while I worked my way out to Amber. That water was cold now, let me tell you! As I reached Amber I glanced up to see the blonde in the boat. She was laughing and pointing at us as a couple of large men in suits jumped onto the dock to tie up. Anger cannot describe my feelings at that moment.

Grabbing Amber with my arm under both of hers and around her chest, I started to drag her back to the finger float. Another guy came running up and took her under her armpits and pulled her up onto the float. I managed to use the cleat on the dock and the line that Amber had nearly finished tying up to pull my very cold, nearly frozen body onto the finger beside her. It took all I had to pull myself up onto the finger float decking as the cold water had sucked all the energy I had out of me. I could see Amber shivering and that made me aware of the basics of surviving a dunking this time of year.

You see, the water right now was around thirty-eight degrees or possibly less. Once a human got fully in it, their body heat was sucked right out of them. In this water at this time of year, not being in a survival suit, a person could die of hypothermia in a matter of minutes, even if they got out of the water into the forty degree air.

I knew that we both had to get warm and fast. The cool air wasn't helping to warm us at all. The only or actually the best way to achieve warmth at the moment was for us to hit the shower on my 42 foot Bayliner cabin cruiser. It was right there at hand and I knew the water tank was topped off

"Ben, g-g-go g-get Lacy, tell her that Amber f-fell into the water. She's at my b-boat and we'll be in t-the shower trying to warm up. Let her know that Amber n-needs a change of clothes."

"You bet J.W."

I watched as Ben ran down the floating dock. He was an older man, probably around sixty-five, but right now he was moving like a twenty-year old. I was impressed.

I rolled over and stood up, having a hard time stopping shivering. I bent over and picked Amber up where she was curled up in a fetal position, shaking hard. I only had a little time and I'd be helpless to move her.

I carried her onto my boat and turned on the generator as we passed through the cabin. Fortunately it only took punching a button to start it up. Getting down the stairs into the lower berth, I started the shower running and then turned to stripping off Amber's wet clothes. I left her in her bra and panties and shoved her into the shower, under the very warm water.

As she stood leaning against the shower wall I stripped down to my boxers and then joined her. I was rubbing her all over trying to get her blood circulating and kept her under the now hot water. At that moment I was thanking the Gods that I'd installed that on demand water heater in the boat.

It wasn't hot enough to burn, but it was damn hot. My rubbing Amber's body was causing my body to warm up slightly too, so I kept rubbing her back, arms, and legs briskly. It wasn't easy with two of us in the small shower stall on the boat, but I managed.

I figured Amber had been in the water for a total of about five to eight minutes while I got her out, I'd been in a very little bit less ... and I knew that the water was colder than I'd thought. I was chilled to the bone still.

After ten minutes in the shower Amber started coming around. I could feel the warmth of the water working on me too. I took a chance and stepped out of the shower to get some water heating up on the stove. We needed to drink something warm right now to help warm up our insides too.

Dripping wet, in my boxers I stood in front of the stove cussing because I couldn't get my fingers to stop shaking enough to light the damn thing up. Lacy came in behind me as I almost whined in frustration.

"Whoa ... J.W. You're damn near naked. Where's Amber?"

"Sh-sh-shower ... she's in the shower. H-h-h-ot water running ... g-g-got to get some water heated up for hot ch-ch-choclolate."

"You go get in the shower with her ... I'll get the water heating. Tom will be here in a minute too. How the hell did this happen? Never mind ... get in the shower ... we'll talk later."

I didn't even think about it. I mean, her dad and mom being right here as I stood in the shower, nearly naked, with a nearly naked Amber, their only daughter. I was just too damn cold to care at that point.

In the shower I saw that Amber had her back to me and she was still shaking. I saw her glancing over her shoulder at my boxer clad body and suddenly I felt more naked than I was.

I started to rub her again hoping that she'd realize just how much danger we were still in. It was then that I noticed her bra and panties were gone! She'd taken them off while I'd been trying to get the hot water going for the cocoa. She spun around and hugged me tight, pressing her cool and very naked body into mine.

"Your mom is right out the door ... and your dad will be here directly. Damn. Move ... rub ... we need to warm up."

"I am w-w-warm ... now. B-b-b-eing here with you like this is a d-d-d-dream come true for me. You s-s-saved my life J.W."

"I just got you out of a b-b-bad predicament ... that's all Amber."

"You saved me. You just d-d-d-dove right in without thinking and pulled me out. You s-s-s-saved my life."

"Yeah ... okay ... and I d-d-d-damn near froze to death too. Move your arms and legs ... you need to get your b-b-b-blood circulating. Your mom's making up some hot chocolate."

A few minutes later I heard Tom, her father come aboard. He and Lacy were talking. I figured it was time for Amber and me to get out of the shower and into some dry clothes. That's when it hit me ... their daughter was naked! What were her parents going to say or do? I already had an idea of sorts about Lacy ... but Tom?

As we stepped out, I put a towel around Amber first, wrapping her torso totally covering her naughty bits and then I slipped out behind her. Her mom had some clothes she was holding out for her while I went over to the compartment by the bed. I dried off my body as quickly as I could pulling on some clean jeans and a sweater I was soon respectable. As I toweled off my head Lacy offered me a cup of steaming hot chocolate.

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