The World of Qaryesh T'Marne

by Celtic Bard

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Desc: Fantasy Story: An overview of the peoples, nations, religion, and other facets of The World of the Am'mortal Universe. This is meant to flesh out the stories of the Universe and give better context to them.

The world of Qaryesh t'Marne is a complicated one with eleven younger races having sprung up to build on the ashes of the elder race of Humans, who fought amongst themselves until they became extinct. In this world, the different races have divided the land into roughly fourteen nation-states and four regions to which nobody has laid claim. These nations are in constant flux in their relationships with each other and with the various races. The history of Qaryesh t'Marne is rich with intrigue and conflict, often erupting into war. The following is simply a description of some of the aspects of that world and how history has developed it.

The Elder Race

Humans (singular-Human)- A long dead race of barbaric and warlike people who seemed to have been a tribal and highly territorial race. Few details of their civilization remain known by the general populous of the world and little is known about how they came to disappear. Most academics theorize that the Humans killed themselves off in the many intertribal wars and blood feuds that were known to consume them. The lands of the Humans are now occupied by the Merxis, Khiton, Sujtasas, Truzlos, and Adytos Khitonans and several states of the Federated Commonwealth of Viniterus. Scholars of the Sheitan also believe that the city of Saidahn was once a Human city that the Sheitan simply settled and expanded on since its architecture is unique among the old ruined Sheitan cities.

The Younger Races

Am'mortal (singular and plural)- One hundred men and women who are so long lived they are referred to by the other races as the Immortals or demigods. Tall, stately, and very attractive for the most part, the members of the Am'mortal race are almost all sorcerers and witches of the highest caliber. They have the appearance of Humans (a long dead race) and they seem to each stake out a territory for themselves, ignoring international borders and national sovereigns. Many of the Am'mortal are trusted advisors to powerful families, national governments, and international consortiums, and the Headmaster of the world-renowned Lampredes Warlock Academy is the Am'mortal known as the Black Master. Few know anything about the Am'mortal except that whenever one of them dies or is killed, a rare and virtually impossible occurrence, all of the Am'mortal disappear. When they reappear in their home territory, a new Am'mortal has appeared with them, taking up residence in the dead Am'mortal's home domain.

Brynhiedrans (singular-Brynhiedran)- A quadripedal, mountain dwelling race with seemingly boundless wisdom, strong telepathy, powerful magic, and few battle skills who have life-spans that average three centuries. Brynhiedrans have equine bodies with extendible prehensile tails, shaggy fur over thick hides, clawed hooves, and short necks upon which sit almost reptilian heads. Their heads are long and rounded with sharp foreteeth, armor-like bony protrusions around the eyes, a short crest of bristly hair, and frilled ears. They have coloring which varies from snow white to jet black. Their senses of sight and hearing are very keen but lack almost any sense of smell.

The Brynhiedrans are without a national identity of their own due to their lack of cohesive unity and a fairly sparse population. Unable to speak any of the humanoid tongues, Brynhiedrans make their wishes, thoughts, and opinions known by using their telepathy and are often employed for short-term contracts as advisors, truthsayers, arbiters, and diplomatic envoys. While they are not very large in their population, a Brynhiedran can be found in almost every port city of any size and most of the larger inland urban centers of the world.

Cassemoors (singular-Cassemoor)- A short, thickly furred race of humanoid people who dwell in the old growth forests of the high northern latitudes. Rarely reaching more than four and a half feet, the Cassemoors are known only for their rich pelt, which they shed, whole, every year or two as they grow throughout their short lives that are thought to average a little more than four decades. These diminutive people are often hunted by unscrupulous fur trappers for their hides. Cassemoor fur is often used in clothing for the extremely rich, despite most nations' ban on the import of this material.

Aside from their being viewed as a luxury commodity, little is known about the social or physiological dimensions of the Cassemoors. Scholars of the northern nations in which they live have assumed they are tribal or clannish in their societal structure and most assume that they are matriarchal, since nearly all pelts brought for sale are clearly female. Few trappers have ever reported seeing anything but immature male Cassemoors.

Eovrians (singular-Eovrian)- A large, non-humanoid, marine race which dwells in the waters and the adjoining land to the east and south of the Khat-Khava Collective on the southern continent. The Eovrians have a lower body similar to seals, though much larger, in that they have no legs and move by a wormlike squirming of their lower body. Their upper torsos terminate in a pair of shoulders which sprout two masses of tentacles and a short, strong neck upon which rests a sleek, furred head. Eovrians are much more maneuverable in water, where they hunt and spend a majority of their lives, which average nearly eight decades, and only come on land to sun themselves and tend their young on the ice sheets and rocky coasts of Eovria. Eovrians are sentients with an isolationist turn of mind and they violently defend their lands and waters from intruders. It is thought by Peisti sailors who have the most opportunity to observe the Eovrians that these creatures have undersea cities and only lay about the coasts in order to protect these cities.

Kenstrills (singular-Kenstrill)- A primitive race of people who dwell in the swamp- and rain forest-covered nations of Kenashivaliar and Astrilloccejui. The Kenstrills are cold-blooded; hence they are rarely seen far from their steamy homelands except in the very warm months of the lowland regions' summer. They vary in height between four feet in early adulthood, around their thirtieth year, to eight feet or more by the time they reach late middle age around their ninetieth year. With each year Kenstrills put on more and more mass until they begin to lose mobility. They have sleek, greenish-brown skin, eyes with vertical pupils, and coarse, black-streaked, brown hair which forms a crest on the heads of the males and is longer and fuller in the females. Kenstrills only have three digits on each limb with the middle digits ending in long, sharp, retractile claws.

Kenstrill society is theocratic and patriarchal. Strong family bonds forge Kenstrill kin-groups into fierce clans and tribes who hunt and gather in familial territories for the many rare herbs, fungi, medicines, furs, skins, feathers, and minerals which can only be found in the swamps and jungles in which they live. Young Kenstrills hunt and gather, seek adventure, and make war on other clans while their elders (those who have grown too large to move so quickly or easily) deal with the foreign merchants who flock to the few towns easily accessible to the caravans of outsiders or maritime merchants.

The priests of the Kenstrill spirit-gods rule their followers with a loose grip. Neither Kenstrill nation has many laws, and most laws have to do with religious obligation. The patriarchs of each clan do most of the "law enforcement" duties found in other nations and most clans follow the rules and traditions laid down by their patriarchs more than they do the national laws. The Grand Priest and the Assembly of Theocrats of each nation only get involved in the business of the clans when two or more clans come into dispute over something. The priests are also the commanders of the nation's armies, a loose amalgam of warriors each clan sends to the priests to comply with their obligations to the nation and their spirit-gods.

Khitonans (singular-Khitonan)- A highly urbanized people who dwell in the nations known as the Khitonan Collectives. They are roughly eight feet tall (though a couple of castes average only six to seven feet) with thin, strong bodies covered in a hard but flexible exoskeleton. They are hairless, with dark brown to black coloring and large, compound eyes and jointed antennae not unlike ants or certain types of wasps. Each member of this race has six limbs, though the usefulness of all six depends upon the role or caste into which each Khitonan is hatched. For high caste Khitonans (i. e. queens, fertile males, and what are commonly called princess-queens, or non-fertile queens), the mid-limbs are practically useless and serve more for holding useful items such as quills, tea cups, or food. For worker-laborers and soldier caste Khitonans, the mid-limbs and the fore-limbs are much stronger than their high caste collective mates and are integral parts of their bodies while at work. For the castes between these two extremes, the mid- and fore-limbs have varying degrees of strength and usefulness.

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