Christmas Stories: A Universe

Stories about Christmas or centred around the christmas season.

1 A Christmas in Peril by Lance Manne

A grouchy old man is about to spend another Christmas alone,until there is a knock at the door. Is there a second chance for Christmas joy?

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Drama
Tags: Christmas
Downloads: 3036| Votes: 217 | Score: 8.09
Size: 25KB | 5,048 words | Posted:

2 Christmas Detour by Pars001

A man takes a flight into a fantasy world that defies explanation.

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Violence, Workplace, Christmas, Supernatural, Fantasy, Elves, Magic
Downloads: 1402| Votes:   | Score:  
Size: 25KB | 4,906 words | Posted:

3 Christmas Angel by Pars001

A man is the sum of his actions, most times the little things seem to go unnoticed. But noticed they are by special beings

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Humor, Christmas, Supernatural, Angels, Ghosts, Fantasy, Magic
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Size: 32KB | 6,402 words | Posted:

4 The Trap for St. Nicholas by Celtic Bard

A different take on the classic Christmas Poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" that most of us know as "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore. I took the general layout and a few lines from the original poem, sprinkled it with some epic fantasy, and came up with "The Trap for St. Nicholas."

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Poem
Tags: Violence, Religion, Assassins, Christmas, Supernatural, Monsters, Fantasy, Magic
Downloads: 773| Votes: 34 | Score: 7.14
Size: 6KB | 1,268 words | Posted:

5 Jacob's Granddaughters by AA Nemo

Generally speaking being a granddaughter is defined by genetics, but sometimes it's due to circumstances driven by fate.

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Drama
Tags: Romance, Drama, Christmas
Downloads: 11093| Votes: 223 | Score: 8.92
Size: 1232KB | 235,096 words | Posted: Concluded:

6 Santa by Pars001

John was alone, though a good man life was almost pointless to him. A sudden storm traps him in the snow, then things get interesting!

Age Rating: Anybody
Tags: Fan Fiction, Christmas, Time Travel, Supernatural, Elves, Magic
Downloads: 2772| Votes:   | Score:  
Size: 77KB | 15,456 words | Posted: Concluded:

7 Santa Will Find Us by AA Nemo

Even these days sometimes miracles happen on Christmas Eve. Just ask Rachel. A short romantic story

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Romance
Tags: Romance, Drama, Christmas
Downloads: 2850| Votes: 150 | Score: 8.36
Size: 58KB | 11,056 words | Posted: Concluded:

8 A Tyler Christmas by AA Nemo

Two wounded people. Will they find a way?

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Drama
Tags: Romance, Drama
Downloads: 5266| Votes: 228 | Score: 8.32
Size: 233KB | 44,402 words | Posted: Concluded:

9 Santa Scape by Pars001

Santa has a problem. It seems he is the problem. To male things worse he's gone missing!

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Romance
Tags: Romance, Humor, Christmas, Time Travel, Fantasy, Elves, Magic
Downloads: 640| Votes:   | Score:  
Size: 38KB | 7,634 words | Posted: