The Story of Promiseum - Dream Walker
Chapter 15: Promiseum

Copyright© 2021 by Llwyd L. Brenin

The next day, after waking up and getting ready, Danny and Emily went to the main garden to meet with the royal council. There were chairs set up by the great tree in preparation for the meeting. In the background, there were essentials gathered to witness this historic occasion. As they arrived, they noticed that the rest of the council was already seated.

As Danny and Emily were announced, everyone stood and waited for them to take their seats. Now everyone was seated, and the meeting could commence. Their chairs were arranged in a circle so everyone could see each other. Emily was on Danny’s left. To his right was Lancel, then Elizabeth, Gary, Samson, and Walter. They were wearing what looked like ceremonial robes. Walter had his full dream suit on under his. Danny and Emily put on robes to match.

They quickly brought Danny and Emily up to speed, then went on to discuss the constitution. Everyone agreed with the amendment attachment and other changes. As the meeting progressed, they discussed all the important issues, everyone’s duties, and anything else of relevance. Now it was time to create the kingdom.

“Robert and Aisling are in Walter’s dream chamber,” Lancel said. “When we’re ready, they’ll switch on the other machine linking all of our medial spirits. This will temporarily make us the most powerful force in the universe. Together we will create the entire world in which our kingdom will be located.”

Everyone was ready, so they exited the garden and went out to the medial realm. Walter gave the signal and Robert switched on the machine. At first, there didn’t seem to be a difference, but suddenly they all felt a huge rush of energy. Without thinking, Danny suddenly pulled more energy from the medial realm. Emily felt it and did the same.

The feeling was intense as the entire universe seemed to hum with a vibration beyond anything they could imagine. Time sped up and slowed down at the same time until they occupied every point of time and space at once. Then they all merged together. Ten seconds later, there was a flash of light brighter than ten thousand supernovas as they separated, and their energy began to return to normal.

They were now standing in a new land. This new world they created contained thirty million square miles of land surrounded by vast oceans. In the far west, was the dream nation. It is ten million square miles of land separated from the rest of the land by a chain of mountains.

The mountains are so high and treacherous, that they are virtually impassable. The only official way across was a road through the middle of the mountain range. It is a long hard journey before you come to the giant gate. There were two other gates, but if you didn’t belong there or had permission, you might as well try climbing the mountains. However, if you made it through the north gate, you would be in the colossal Forest. It’s almost a million square miles of trees so giant that normal trees have room to grow to full size on their branches, two hundred feet above the ground. The South gate would put you in the black swamp. The black swamp is half a million square miles of swamps and marshes. If the swamp doesn’t get you the swamp people will. And the main gate puts you in the middle of the planes. The planes are four and a half million square miles of grassland.

To the west of the planes is the forest land, running between the tundra in the north to the desert in the south. Right in between the two, at the edge of the forest land, is a giant mountain. The palace is right at the foot of the mountain, facing west towards the forest land and the ocean. About halfway up the mountain to the peak, half of the mountain was missing. In its place, there is a giant fortress. Nobody thought they would need it, but they all agreed that it was best to be prepared. Only Danny and the Royal Council knew that it also protected the entrance to the labyrinth.

Now, even in the first few minutes after the creation of this land, large numbers of dream spirits were showing up to claim their citizenship. They were split into three main groups. Magic creatures, Magic folk, and non-magic folk.

Magic creatures are basically, essentials that will exist only in their animal form. They will be able to talk to whomever they want and to learn and use magic. Magic folk are essentials who also have a human form. They can change back and forth at will and learn to use magic. But non- magic folk are spirits, and some essentials, which will only exist in human form. Their lives are limited because they’re the ones who decided to give up their immortality for the opportunity to bear children.

It took all day, and well into the night, for the flood of immigrants to slow to a trickle and eventually stop. Everyone received their citizenship and new role just in time for the coronation. Danny, Emily, and the Royal Council were inside the palace waiting to begin the ceremony.

“What’s the count so far?” Danny asked.

“Just over three-hundred and twenty million,” Samson said, “Just over half are non-magic folk. And it’s almost an even split between magic creatures and magic folk.”

“It’s time,” Gary said.

Lancel walked out the door to the palace steps, which were converted into a stage. He announced himself and each one of the Council members as they walked onto the stage. Then he announced Emily and Danny as they walked out and took their place in front of the thrones.

“In all of history, since the time of the great split, we never could have dreamed of such an opportunity, as the return to civilization for all spirits who may choose to do so,” Lancel began. “On this first day, of the first month, of the zero year, we having formed this dream nation, will now crown our first King and Queen.”

Robert and Aisling came out to the stage carrying the crowns. Aisling stopped in front of Emily as Robert stopped in front of Danny. They both knelt as crowns were placed on their heads. “Rise Emily Lynn Knight, Queen of Promiseum,” Lancel said. “Rise sir. Danny Thomas Lancelot Knight, King of Promiseum, and Lord high protector!”

They each rose when prompted. After Danny stood, there was thunderous applause that shook the entire kingdom. When it died down, Danny spoke.

“My first official act as King of Promiseum is to declare this day our first national holiday,” Danny said. “Let us celebrate today and begin our new lives tomorrow. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, but on this day, we will relax and remember our accomplishments.”

There was another thunderous applause as Emily, Danny, and the Royal council left the stage. Back inside, Danny received the final reports. One at a time, they all signed the constitution, making it official, and enacting the final part of the creation of the land. Then, the palace staff brought in the feast. As the final part of the creation of the land, each of the citizens of Promiseum was transported to the place that would be their home. There they found feasts waiting for them. There were also tents for them to use until they could get their houses built.

And so, they celebrated; They sang and danced, they ate and drank, they played games, and they even had friendly competitions. The festivities lasted well into the night until they were too exhausted to continue. Then they found a tent and “slept it off.” The next day, groups of people started to come together to help each other. They started to form the first communities.

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