Boston Solutions Incorporated
Chapter 32

Copyright© 2021 by Lazlo Zalezac

Julia looked at the two men who had just entered the office. They were wearing dark suits with polished shoes. They each had a bulge where they would carry a firearm in a shoulder holster.

One of the men said, “Have I ever told you how much I hate Titus?”

“Only a dozen times,” the other man said.

“For months the wife has been after me to take her to the opera. Every time I turned around she was jabbering about this opera versus that opera. Finally, I cave in and get tickets to The Magic Piccolo...”

“It’s The Magic Flute, Sir.”

“Right. For the next month all I hear from her is all about how I’m going to find some excuse not to go. I even turned down an invitation to a Bachelor Party so I can take her to the opera. So the big night finally arrives. I’m standing there in my suit, and she’s all dressed up. We’re just about to head out the door and the phone rings. She gives me this look...”

“I’m well familiar with that look, Sir. My wife gives it to me every time you call,” the other man said.

“I answer the phone. The Director tells me that I have to swing by the office and pick up a check before flying out that night to meet with Titus in the morning. My wife, that dear sweet little woman I married, just hauls off and hits me.”

He removed his sunglasses and pointed to his eye. He asked, “What do you think of that shiner?”

The other man removed his sunglasses and pointed to his shiner. He said, “That’s almost as good as mine. Last night was our anniversary.”

“I hate Titus as much as I hate Magus. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. You’ve told me that a hundred times.”

The first man turned to Julia and said, “Tell Titus that the FBI is here to see him.”

Julia swallowed heavily and then squeaked, “Titus.”

“He’s not going to be able to hear that,” the agent said.

“Titus,” she said just a little louder.

The agent said, “Just use the intercom.”

“They don’t answer it,” Julia said.

The agent said, “I hate Titus.”

“You’ve told me that before, Sir,” the other agent said.

“Titus!” the agent shouted.


“FBI!” the agent shouted.

“Come in and bring the dolly with you,” Titus shouted.

Julia watched the two FBI agents enter Titus’ office. She climbed out from under her desk. She tried to relax a little. She had barely gotten in her chair when the front office door opened and three State Troopers entered.

One of the troopers asked, “What do you know about this Magus fellow?”

“The only thing I know is that the Captain hid under his desk when he heard that Magus was on the phone,” one of the troopers answered.

’Captain Hardass’ hid under his desk?” one of the troopers asked with a skeptical laugh.

“Yep. The old man told me to get here ASAP and to do whatever Magus said. He mentioned it would be in my best interest not to challenge the man,” one of the troopers said.

“We’re the State Police. Who does he think he is?” one of the troopers said.


The three state troopers looked around. One of them asked, “Where did the receptionist go?”

Another trooper leaned over the desk and said, “She’s under the desk.”


“She’s hiding!” one the troopers shouted back.

“Who are you?” Magus shouted.

“I’m Sergeant O’Hara of the State Police.”

“Come in my office and bring the dolly with you,” Magus shouted.

The three men looked around for a dolly. There wasn’t one.

“There’s no dolly out here,” one of the troopers shouted.

“Well, get in here!” Magus shouted.

Julia nervously peeked out from under her desk and looked around. The room was empty. She crawled out and sat in her chair. It was really uncomfortable under the desk particularly with a cast on her foot.

The door opened and two men entered. One of the men said, “Have I told you how much I hate Titus and Magus?”

“Every time their name gets mentioned.”

“I hate them,” the man said. He looked at Julia and said, “Tell Titus we’re here.”

“Who are you?” Julia asked.

“We’re the IRS,” the man answered.

Julia looked in the direction of Titus’ office and said, “Titus.”

“He’s not going to be able to hear that,” the man said.

“Titus,” Julia said a little louder.

“You need to put a little air behind it. You know, use your diaphragm,” the man said.

“I don’t like shouting,” Julia said.

“Why are you working here?” the man asked.

“I need the job,” Julia said.

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