Boston Solutions Incorporated
Chapter 31

Copyright© 2021 by Lazlo Zalezac

The woman entered the room on crutches, with her right foot in a cast. She struggled for a moment to juggle crutches and purse while taking a seat. She had raccoon eyes that bore witness to a recent beating. With an expression of desperation on her face, she looked across the desk at Titus hoping he could help her.

“Before we begin, there is the matter of payment. The first solution is ten dollars and a favor. We add a zero to the price for each subsequent solution,” Titus said.

The woman didn’t say a word while she dug through her purse for the money. She pulled out a small change purse and opened it. Inside was a small roll of bills representing her flight money. She pulled out ten ones and handed them across the table to Titus. There were very few bills left in the roll that she returned to the change purse. She waited while he filled out a receipt. She accepted it when he handed it over to her.

Titus asked, “What is your problem?”

“My husband is beating me,” the woman said.

“That would be a problem if you didn’t like it so much,” Titus said.

“Are you crazy? Of course I don’t like getting beaten,” the woman protested.

Titus lifted up a folder and opened it. He summarized the contents, “January of this year, police were called to the home of Marcus and Julia DeMente for a domestic violence complaint. No charges filed. February of this year, police were called to the Lone Duck on a public disturbance call involving Marcus and Julia DeMente. It appears that Marcus was slapping Julia and some patrons did not appreciate it. No charges filed by Julia. Again in February of this year, police were called to the home of Marcus and Julia DeMente for a public disturbance call. No charges filed by Julia. I could go on and on, but it’s all the same. Based on that, I’d say that you liked getting beaten.”

“I know it might seem that way,” Julia said looking down at the floor.

“Why didn’t you file charges against him?” Titus asked.

“I couldn’t afford to leave,” Julia said. “I still can’t afford it.”

Titus asked, “Why now?”

Julia answered, “I don’t know. I’d like to get away from him, but I don’t know how.”

Titus said, “You are unemployed, your name is not on any of your bank accounts, you have no friends, and your family lives in another state. Is that correct?”

“Yes,” Julia answered. She bit down on her lower lip feeling that it was all hopeless.

“Are you serious about leaving him?” Titus asked.

“Yes,” Julia answered.

Titus asked, “Are you willing to file charges against your husband for causing your broken ankle?”

“I’m afraid,” Julia answered.

“I asked if you were willing; not if you were afraid,” Titus said.

“I’d like to file charges,” Julia said.

Titus shouted, “Irene!”

“What?” Irene shouted.

“I need Hagar!”


Julia was staring at Titus in horror. Her face had paled in response to the shouting. She had tried to sink into her chair. He made a note of her behavior on his pad of paper.

Looking up at her, he said, “Hagar will be joining us in a moment.”

“Hagar?” she asked.

“He’s my security gorilla,” Titus said.

“Oh,” she said.

Hagar entered the room and said, “You rang.”

“Yes, I did. I need you to get in touch with our instant intimidation firm. We’ll need plenty of security goons stationed at the new house twenty-four hours a day. Her husband is a very big man and has a propensity for violence,” Titus said.

“Get eight hundred pounds of goons,” Hagar said writing it down in a small notepad.

“Take her by the police station to file an assault complaint against her husband. Talk to patrolman Reynolds. He’s sweet on her and will expedite the matter,” Titus said earning a shocked look from Julia.

“Patrolman Reynolds,” Hagar said while writing it down in his notepad.

Titus said, “Once her husband is in custody, take Julia by her house to pick up her possessions. Take a couple of security goons and some movers with you. She has a number of antiques that she’ll want to reclaim.”

“Movers and goons. Got it,” Hagar said.

“Have Thursday arrange for a rental moving truck,” Titus said.

“We’ve already got one. Cathy’s moving in with her new boyfriend,” Hagar said.

“Wasn’t that supposed to happen next week?” Titus asked.

“He proposed this morning after you left the house,” Hagar said.

“Nice,” Titus said. “I guess I’ll have to call in a favor to get a woman in the house.”

“Why?” Hagar asked.

Irritated at being questioned, Titus answered, “Julia won’t feel comfortable being the only woman in the house with a bunch of large security goons roaming around.”

“Sorry,” Hagar said.

“I’ll give you a few minutes to arrange things. When you’re done, come back here for Julia,” Titus said.

“Okay,” Hagar said while leaving the office.

Turning to Julia, Titus said, “Hagar will be returning shortly. He’ll take you by the police station where you will file charges against your husband. After that, he’ll take you to the house where you’ll be staying. Hagar and I both live there. We’ll have security there to protect you. I’ve got a woman in mind to live with us until the situation with your husband clears up. You’ll be employed as our receptionist. Irene will be training you.”

“I have a job?” Julia asked wide-eyed.

“Of course. Your problems aren’t resolved until you are gainfully employed, in your own home, and managing your life free of fear,” Titus answered.

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