Mars or Bust!
Chapter 3: Lucky

Copyright© 2021 by GT Dodge

Olgu finally interrupted him. This was her first fifteen minutes of fame coming up and her voice was hard and sharp, “Lucky?!”

Johnny, his face got hard like he was going to argue.

But that Olgu! We’ll never know what Johnny said just then because Olgu edited straight to me shouting Johnny down. I caught him in the green room after he’d stormed off the stage. You shoulda seen me go! I backed him out of the green room right back on stage right into Olgu interviewing that Nimoy kid. You know, the Space Admiral, NASA Space Force.

So everybody got to see the next bit twice.

First Olgu spitting out “Lucky!?” like the word wasn’t even English.

Then me, “Lucky?!” I sounded shrill and I hate sounding shrill. “Johnny, you told me yourself: Linc planned everything to the last detail! He hit the moon, dead center.”

“Yes, Sharmaine. I saw it! But, the moon is a hard target to miss,” Johnny trying to blunt my attack.

My voice went even higher. I hate that. “Even I know that, Johnny Liar. I even know that, technically, once he got the Bug into the moon’s gravity then the moon is impossible to miss! What do you mean, ‘Lucky’?”

Johnny’s hands were up and he was backing away, “Sharmaine, Linc was lucky that he hit the side facing the Earth.”

I knew the answer, “He planned it that way. Something about once they set the rocket at a certain speed then it had to run out of gas right in the middle of the moon. He even knew what crater it was going to crash in. He couldn’t miss. He had engineers and computers and gravity and inertia! What’s going on? You explained all this to me last week.”

“Lucky it hit on a full moon.”

“According to his plan.” But I could see his eyes glance right then left. Time to change the subject. A signature move should never have a tell. I know Johnny’s tells.

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