Mars or Bust!
Chapter 2: Just a Bumper Sticker

Copyright© 2021 by GT Dodge

Here’s Johnny trying to talk his way out of that one on the Anniversary Special:

“So, Johnny, Sharmaine Lincoln told us that you started this whole Mars Or Bust adventure.” Olgu, not only directed but she’s also the moderator, doing the interview segments. She talks cute but she’ll never shut him up once he gets to talking.

“Mars or Bust?” Johnny’s real good at controlling any interview.

Olgu riposted, “Sharmaine talks about it like it was more than just a bumper sticker.”

“She’s wrong. MARS OR BUST!? Just a bumper sticker. That was all it was for me, back then, a bumper sticker. Who believes bumper stickers? I made some money, not a ton of money, but some anyway, selling two-color bumper stickers on the internet.

Here’s my new one: NO DEPOSIT! NO RETURN!©. Gonna be a big, big seller! Order it at my web site! Check it out!

“There’s a firm in San Diego gets bumper stickers and decals printed in Sri Lanka. I almost contracted the printing directly but I had nightmares about misspelled words, third-world glue, mysteriously ringed planets, fading ink...”

Olgu raised a finger, shaking her head but Johnny cut her off.

“Yes! You bet your ass-teroid, yes! I am ducking the issue: I knew Linc was crazy to go to Mars.

“OK, OK, OK! I knew Linc was crazy.

“Linc was sort of more than a friend; him and me go way back. He was always crazy to go to Mars. Just at the end he was always crazy. But it was never his fault.

“It’s not like I held a gun to his head...

“Or sold him heroin...

“Or tricked him...

“Or financed him.”

This time Olgu even got her mouth open. But again, he cut her off.

“OK, OK, OK! Linc got some of the bumper sticker money!

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