A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 135: Warp Speed Through the Storm

Copyright© 2020 by Emmeran

Contributing Muse: Tarasandia, 10 May 2021

Editor: Nnpdad: 11 May 2021

Wishing for time, but not really having any. Down to the docks to check on progress and get a first look at my new boats. How’s that for ridiculous?

The good news was that Brin was back with me. He happened to love riding on the driver’s seat in the carriage, so we were quite a sight rolling down the street in our fancy carriage and fancy suits. I had never experienced anything like what the next hour brought to me.

I was led on a tour of my new holdings, some purchased and some leased. There was a lot going on and a lot to see. I was quite surprised when our first stop was a dockside frontage which contained our new offices. Timmons and Byrne were there, waiting for us. I took a moment before this storm started to instruct Amos and Sheriff, and Brin. Brin was instructed to protect the two of them; anyone starting trouble with them would have to deal with Brin first. With that, I sent them off to change and visit the slave camp. Lucinda needed to accompany them. We need to insure things were going smoothly.

I also instructed that our three rabble rousers were to return to Langdon House with them. They would remain here as slaves for as long as needed to repair their mental outlook. I dismounted and joined Byrne and Timmons. The tour started with our new offices. The offices were actually rather cramped, but Timmons explained that it was just going to be a front desk, a duty desk if you will, with two small meeting rooms for interviews and such.

Behind the meeting rooms was a decent-sized space. I mentioned we should put in a kitchen and table to feed the crew. The second floor was entirely bare and would be filled with sleeping pallets for the visiting crews to crash on. I asked that we post signs saying “No Sex, Booze, or Food allowed” to keep things safe and sane. I also decided to forbid gambling, because that, too, is best done elsewhere. I wanted potbellied stoves added for heat. I wanted to ensure the windows worked for the hot times of year. This place would be the only thing I’d see that I’d have much opinion on during this tour. Everything else was way outside of my knowledge zone.

At that point, we entered hyper-warp. I was mounted on a horse and taken on a tour of boats, warehouses, and even the remodel site of a brewery - John Byrne had gotten that for a song. Financial crashes are a boon and something I had learned to leverage in modern life. Some people constantly got wiped out in these crashes. I had learned to be the predator waiting to take advantage of that weakened state.

After all that touring, being nothing more than an observer and cheerleader, I needed to get back to being busy again. I wanted to take advantage of things while I could, so I commandeered the next of our leased wagons we came across. We loaded half of the remaining ore and, with the proper guard mounted, took off for the bank. It was time to feast on the weakened players again. Clara was still in tow but I think her head was spinning. It didn’t help that she was shite on horseback. Byrne and Timmons tagged along to ‘enjoy the show.’

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