A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 97: Sketching Out a Plan

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Patrick and his crew launched for Fort Dickenson. It was expected to be a seven day round trip since the boat was heading up empty; it might be go faster if the weather cooperated. Captain Timmons stayed behind, because he was still persona non grata in the eyes of Leavenworth. I figured a couple of months would fix that, but it was best to let sleeping dogs lie for now.

We discussed the general plan on the way back to camp. We had a lot of immediate needs and pressing issues. Number one on the list was the incoming herds and water. We had been watering the animals by hand up until now, but that wouldn’t do, going forward. Neither was there a windmill in our immediate future. We needed a plan that was a bit more primitive.

Holder came through again. He explained that there was a small brook we could divert into the pasture. We’d have to dig a holding pond of some sort, but it would work. Map study was in order and the tractor might be going to work again. In fact, a lot of topographical study was in order, and we just happened to have an app for that on my phone. It used the Pythagorean theorem, in conjunction with the camera, and presto, you had altitude.

The women all wanted to know about houses - when we’d start building them and where they would be. I should have expected that. Michelle fielded that and explained that we needed to wait until the men showed up before we had that discussion. I got my maps and started drawing out a village. It was a rough sketch and would need a lot of input, but it was a start.

The initial village would be roughly three hundred yards long and two hundred yards wide. It would be six blocks, separated out by usage. That is, we’d have light industrial, commercial, and residential. I would sell or award parcels, as Michelle and I saw fit. I also started to sketch out homestead blocks in the surrounding area. Again, I claimed this entire area as mine, and would sell or grant the parcels as I thought best. This was how a person became rich and powerful; I planned to be that guy.

Michelle and I rode out for one of our talks after a quick lunch. I had set Mary to teaching the kids the basics of weaving and she had them collecting long grass for their first simple project. Matilda had taken Banshee out foraging and Sonya was going over the food, cooking, and washing rules with the new ladies of Rulo.

The talk with Michelle was long overdue and there was a really too much to talk about in one session. It’d probably take a week before we were fully caught up again. I let Michelle go first. I’d kept her on a short leash since I got back, and, boy, did she have a lot to say. I spent an hour and three cigarettes just in listening mode. I was paying attention, but not responding unless asked. Mostly, I just watch Brin scout around and enjoyed Lunch’s easy, comfortable gait. That horse sure was smooth.

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