A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 77: The Taming of the Shrew

Copyright© 2020 by Emmeran

Banshee was still babbling on. Of course she was babbling onhat seems to be what she did best.

“Petalesharo, I must ask a favor of you. Please teach me how to shut her up.” Well that earned me a laugh and a quick word from Pete brought an end to the noise.

“Pete, please tell your sister that she cannot not be my proper wife until she learns English. This one, I pointed at our new slave, will teach her.”

Banshee wasn’t happy to hear that but she nodded in assent.

“Thanks Pete I think I need to rest soon.” Recovery was never as fast and as fun as they made it look in the movies. I turned to the white lady and asked her nameust a simple name was all I wanted but I forgot I was talking to a woman and she just started in.

“My name is Mary and I don’t think the way you are treating me is right, I’m a good Christian lady here to bring the salvation of Jesus to these heathens and...”

“Quiet!” I boomed bringing silence and a startled look from ‘my name is Mary’ “What makes you think you are anything more than still a slave? Behave or you’ll be right back down in that lodge you just left eating scraps with the dogs and being f•©ked by whomever wants to f•©k you.

“This one”, I pointed at Banshee, “s now my wife and you work for her. If you don’t keep her happy she will beat you. If you try to run, Brin will catch you and then I will beat you.

“You belong to me!”

There, that should shut her up for a few days.

“Pete, I need to go rest now. Please ask your sister to take Mary and clean her up before she brings her back to me.”

With that I limped back into the lodge and la down to rest.

Banshee brought back a different woman about an hour later. Clad in a blanket with brown curls of hair cascading down her back the grime had been cleaned away to reveal a decently attractive woman. She was paraded up to me and then Banshee stepped away and started working on something on the other side of the lodge.

I considered my options for a moment and then pulling myself to a sitting position decided to start taming my newest acquisition. This was going to suck at a moral level but had to be done at a survival level. I was going to break her now and have Michelle rebuild her when and if we got home. I had found a length of switch to help me with the job; ‘Spare the rod’ as the idiom goes. To rescue her from slavery I needed her to act like a slave until we got homeo a slave she would become.

“Place the blanket on the floor and kneel on it.”

“Mister, that ain’t right I don’t...”

Thwack!! Switch on a pretty bare calf leaving a bright red mark behind.

Her eyes were suddenly wide open and I could see the fear run through her body I wondered i she would make a break for it and Banshee moved towards the lodge door.

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