A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 75: Stranger in a Strange Land

Copyright© 2020 by Emmeran

The f•©king rooster was crowing.

Why is there always a rooster crowing wherever I go?

Oh f•©king f•©k why did I hurt so much?

That’s what I felt and basically what I thought, way too many complaints and time to just shift to “Life f•©king sucks and then someone shoots you in the back again.” That last little part was mine. I tried to stretch and realized that the left side of my back wasn’t interested. Shot in the back again I remembered.

Brin was lying next to me, good dog. I remembered he took a bad guy out, yup he could sleep next to me now if he wanted. There was a woman sleeping on the other side of me; more realistically there was a body with a black shiny mane of hair sleeping next to me. It was hard to make out details with all that hair in the way. There was something at the back of my mind blowing emergency sirens, I needed to remember what it was.

My bladder was also throwing out emergency warnings, I needed to get up and find somewhere to pee. Getting up to go was a different matter, the left side of my body immediately told me to f•©k off and my head was hitting the stomach eject button instantly as pain rolled through my body. I focused on not screaming or puking, my vision swam blue and Doc grabbed me. I was shaking, sweating and grinding my teeth through the pain, the magic pills showed up again and Doc fed them to me one by one. I couldn’t focus well but I needed to piss, Doc grabbed my penis in a silk soft hand and pushed on my bladder harshly.

Evacuating my bladder was pure relief, I didn’t care if Doc did have a hold of my dick I just needed to void. I finished and started to collapse backwards but Doc held my head and gave me some more hootch to drink, it was fine and filling and I slept soon after.

Doc sure was looking awfully pretty these days.

Hunger dreams. Vivid dreams of a tray with In-N-Out burgers being held just out of my reach. I followed it up to the surface of consciousness and burst through to being awake. I was hungry! I felt like I hadn’t eaten in days, I wanted some meat more than anything.

I managed to scoot myself to a semi-sitting position and looked for my packs.

F•©k, why were my packs with my food in them all the way over there now? I knew I had some food in there and I’d have to find a way to get myself over there. Where the hell was Doc when you needed help? Who the f•©k was Doc anyway, was that just another fever dream construct of mine? I wasn’t sure about the when, where, or what of anything right now. I was hungry and more than a bit woozy still; food and more sleep would put me right.

I was just starting to get the whole one knee/one arm crawling down with a little help from Brin when a Banshee launched her attack from across the room. Bereft of weapons and low on HP I had no choice but to simply cower back before her fury. I was really f•©king happy I didn’t speak her language.

Pete was there now and she turned her ire upon him. I remembered he had something to do with this and spying my shotgun across the room started crawling for that. Brin wasn’t helping me crawl any longer and my useless canine companion must have found a door somewhere to escape. I just wanted something to eat and a place to hide. I was concerned that the banshee would track me down by following the blood trail I was leaving behind me.

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