A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 47: A Night at the Movies

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Chores and supper and then a movie, that was my plan. Chores had to be done, the drone had to scout and the movie was to continue to amaze Holder, supper would be over the top again as well. My goal was to increase his desire to be here rather than any place else; food, entertainment and a vastly improved lifestyle were the key components to that end.

After dinner was standard business, clean the dishes, start the wood stoves, etc. and so on. I flew the drone while all of that went on around me and then it was movie time. We decided to stick with Disney for now, advanced movies would simply confuse people while Aladin or Lion King would make them laugh. Sonya had a serious Disney crush so we had a pretty decent collection to choose from, Snow White was the choice. Popcorn was a requirement as well so I got busy on that.

Holder was reeling at this point from technology exposure overload, I think he fell in love with Snow White. He definitely fell in love with parmesan-butter popcorn, I even gave him a craft beer; the young man was definitely getting a baptism by fire.

I ran an FLIR scan of our area while the movie played, I had to swap out the batteries twice but I was able to observe a much larger area. We seemed to still be secluded but I knew that wouldn’t last for long, I would have a long talk with Holder and Amos tomorrow about how they came here and what they saw. We needed a much better understanding of the world around us. I had a lot of planning to do.

The end of the movie gave us two sleepy kids and one young man who could barely keep his eyes open, I sent them off to bed. Brin accompanied Holder again and Michelle and I closed down the camp.

Sleepy sex is good but it’s nothing to write home about either, it’s just comfortable and gentle fun at the end of a long day.

Morning came cloudy and overcast, I had a feeling that spring showers were on their way to visit; combined with the upstream melt the rain was about to eliminate any chance of fording the Nemaha river with the Missouri becoming a serious flood threat. Our creek could become a problem also and our corn field and orchard were on the opposite side, the drive over being washed away when this all started.

A very hardy breakfast of potatoes, sausage and mushrooms came after morning chores and the after breakfast coffee was well appreciated. Story time had returned to me and I told the entire core story over again; Holder hadn’t heard all the points of view yet and he needed to hear it a couple times through. How much he bought it would help us understand how to use it in the future.

Matilda brought out a bag of pea seeds a bag of what looked like squash seeds, the peas were easily recognizable the squash wasn’t quite as clear and I didn’t feel like asking. I knew what the ladies were going to do with their morning, our corn field was about to get an upgrade.

Myself and the guys had a pasture to fence and then a bridge to build. The pasture would come first so off we went with Brin, the dog cart and whatever work gloves I could find. We cut and placed posts all morning long trying to encircle the entire pasture before we started running wire, post hole digging is dirty hard work even with the three of us taking turns and we were about half finished when the call to lunch came out.

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