A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 26: Enter Tom

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We left early the next morning; just as soon as the morning routine was finished I announced we were going on a short road trip and would be back around lunch.

Over breakfast I had tasked Sonya for hunting down and finding an outdoor sink and hopefully a shower attachment to go with it; I really didn’t want people tracking into the camper every time they needed to wash their hands while we were camping or hunting. The trailer had hot and cold-water spigots available under the gooseneck so a couple of hoses and a bucket under the drain would be all I needed.

Michelle and I headed out for St Joseph which was fifty odd miles away and shouldn’t be a difficult run, weather was forecast as clear and wonderful and the traffic was forecast as non-existent. What an incredible relief after the hell of commuting in Southern California.

It was pleasant driving with Michelle, she was easy to talk to and didn’t babble at me non-stop – yet. I brought up the topic of Oscar’s farm and suggested that I was considering making an investment; I reasoned to her that she was a specialized small farmer and that I could use her insight. Lively discussion ensued after I made that point and we were still kicking the idea around when we arrived at the breeder’s house outside of St. Joseph.

It wasn’t an exciting transaction by any means; non-descript house, non-descript breeder and an energetic young cat. He came with papers, harness, carrier, and most importantly his balls. After a short negotiation we shook on the deal. The only sticking point was when I tried to pay cash: the dealer preferred electronic payment – boy, the world had changed lately.

We stopped at a convenience store on our way out of town and bought some bright bows and coffee, Michelle stuck the bows all over the carrier. I drove us home.

On the way back I called David on the speaker phone and let him know I was going to make a few investments in specialty farms for my private fun; he wasn’t surprised by the idea or the numbers I tossed out. He patched me through to the investment professional who would handle those for me. Michelle was surprised the ease at which I instantly moved that much money.

I turned to Michelle and said, “Honey, it looks like you just got a business partner.”

Michelle went from surprised to flat out stunned.

I gave her about a few minutes to contemplate and then said, “Honey, we’re friends and I trust you. So this simply means you have a silent partner and are no longer operating with debt hanging over your shoulder.”

“It’s still your show,” I continued, “but the business income, assets and risks are shared.”

“I don’t understand,” she said, “it’s so much money.”

“It’s less than I earned in interest alone this month my dear,” I reminded her, “I have a lot of money.”

I gave her awhile for that to sink in and then followed, “You will be debt free by the end of the day tomorrow and have a significant amount of operating capital available to you. For me, I will simply know that my close friend is secure and I’ll see this investment as a single item on a rather complicated quarterly financial report.”

“Thank you,” she murmured. “I think.”

“Look,” I followed, “I do expect a discount on any further horses I purchase from you, so don’t get too thankful.”

With that she smacked me lightly on the arm and giggled.

“However,” I said, “I fear this will be a much more difficult conversation with Oscar.”

At that point she laughed out loud.

We discussed details after that. She really liked the idea that her family farm was safe from bankruptcy. I got David’s investment guy on the phone, and we discussed talking points with him.

It was an interesting drive home.

Matilda wasn’t there when we got back, but the dogs were so I took them off tether to play a little bit. Michelle was at the table with her phone and laptop, and I was sure she’d be busy for a few days. Tom, the cat, stayed in his carrier in the truck. Sonya was deep in her phone again, but she looked nowhere nearly as upset as before.

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