A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 21: Oklahoma City

Copyright© 2020 by Emmeran

Love hurts, love scarsLove wounds and mars

-Everly Brothers

Packing up camp was smoother than ever; everyone knew exactly what needed to be done and was pretty clear on what the order of operations. The only new twist was we had three dogs which added up to too many occupants to fit into the cab of the truck. I briefly contemplated putting sulking Sonya and hitchhiking Matilda in the stalls but couldn’t figure out a way to successfully pull that one off. So - two of the dogs went into a stall with their beds and I devised a rotation plan based on seniority, the pack leader always got priority; Mila rode in the cab first and we’d rotate at each stop.

It was a quiet ride to Oklahoma City, we only had one quick business call to confirm our conference call that evening. I had time to let my thoughts roam and ended up thinking about our growing library; I had checked my library computer at our last rest stop and it was still chugging away downloading the gigabytes of books we’d queued up, that part was working well at least. I’m not a big fan of reading off of a screen so I decided to purchase an ultra-high-speed printer as soon as we reached my new ranch; I would simply print out the books I wanted to read, or more importantly, take with me to read on a hunting excursion.

Sonya sulked and moped the entire drive.

Our rental was at a farm about 30 miles outside of Oklahoma City, it was the full farmstead again with the furnished house available for use. As usual we avoided the house for the most part, it was nice to have the bathroom but easier to follow routine overall. We would be here for three nights. It had been an eight-hour drive to get here so after camp was set up we exercised the animals, did the chores and had our supper. Matilda had made us beef burritos with rice and beans; they were simply amazing and a very nice change. If she was trying to pull her share of the load she was doing a very good job.

We had quick conference call with the wealth management team, I gave them authorization to close the deal on the ranch and several other related matters. As the meeting closed, David texted me asking me to call him later to discuss a personal matter. I had a good idea what that matter was going to be.

With the call out of the way we then proceeded on to our nightly ritual of tagging books, videos and movies for eventual download; Sonya even figured out how to down-load a series of a TV show she wanted to watch. I remotely logged into the library laptop and was that it was still chugging away and we still had terabytes of space available. I also pulled up the trailer’s command software and confirmed that everything was in good shape with no warnings or errors. It would text me if something came up, but it was good policy to check manually.

We turned in around 8pm, each of us heading off to the privacy of our own tent/camper; all day on the road together tends to make everyone feel a little claustrophobic. I called David as soon as I heard soft music coming out of the camper and knew that Sonya was in for the night.

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