A Ten Pound Bag
Chapter 10: The Enigma

Copyright© 2020 by Emmeran

I stayed at Max’s because it was comfortable, I wanted to stock up on his bourbon and he accepted cash payment. Zero traceability if you so desire.

Zero traceability was a good thing in my life right now, and Max’s bourbon was even better. What I hadn’t counted on was Sonya announcing she was staying with me. Arguing got me nowhere. I was told in no uncertain terms that, because of our sudden departure, she absolutely had to travel with me; far too much was still left undone. Her final argument was that, as my PA, she would be spending about 50% of her time on my ranch anyway just to keep up with business.

The room at the pub had a magnificent king-sized bed and a mediocre couch. I was just standing there staring around when Matilda came through the door with a pillow, some sheets and a blanket. She dropped them on the couch and then pointed at me and then the couch. She then exited the room. I had been put in my place, and I resigned myself to waking up with a bad case of couch back.

I freshened up and went down and ordered dinner. After dinner, bourbon was ordered and it was delivered by Max himself. We shared his latest casking and he made a point to let me know that I had three casks and two cases waiting for me when I left tomorrow. That was more that I had asked for but he didn’t offer me time to argue so I took my full belly up to my couch and went to sleep.

Morning came early.

My back hurt from sleeping on a cheap couch, and I arose to see Sonya slumbering joyfully on that huge bed. I rang the kitchen for breakfast and coffee, then grabbed a shower. I had just finished dressing when Matilda came into the room (she never knocked anymore) and laid out my morning breakfast and coffee. Sonya had come to life – probably while I showered – and took over the bathroom whilst I ate; I then when down to prep the truck for the beginning of the road-trip. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about the addition of a traveling companion.

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